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Our success is driven by a dedicated and skilled team, led by visionary leadership, and committed to delivering the finest fresh produce.
Visionary Leader

Meet Our Visionary Leader

At Freshco, visionary leadership guides our unwavering commitment to excellence in food safety and quality. Our CEO and General Manager, Georges Jabbour, brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast dedication to our core values. Georges’ leadership sets the course for Freshco’s future, characterized by uncompromising quality and safety, placing us firmly at the forefront of the industry.

Dedication to Food Safety and Quality

Georges Jabbour has instilled a culture of food safety and quality at every level of our organization. His commitment to stringent standards and continuous improvement serves as the driving force behind our prestigious ISO 22000:2018 certification and our valuable partnerships with Global Gap certified farms.

A Vision for Excellence

Georges Jabbour’s vision extends beyond our operations; it extends to you, our valued customers. His mission is to consistently deliver the finest, freshest produce that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Georges is dedicated to ensuring that every product bearing the Freshco name reflects our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.
Our Business Development Manager at FreshCo, is the driving force behind our growth and strategic initiatives. She excels in identifying opportunities, understanding market trends, and expanding our brand presence. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, Gloria fosters partnerships, devises innovative strategies, and ensures our commitment to delivering fresh and affordable produce. Her dedication to innovation fuels our pursuit of growth and sustainability, making FreshCo a leader in the fresh fruits and vegetables sector.
Gloria Hanna
Our Food Safety Manager is the guardian of product integrity, overseeing every stage from farm to table. Their unwavering commitment to the highest food safety standards ensures produce is cultivated under strict guidelines. They meticulously monitor packhouse operations, guaranteeing precise sorting, cleaning, and packaging. Throughout the distribution network, your well-being and peace of mind are top priorities. Our Food Safety Manager's dedication ensures the safe and optimal delivery of fresh goods, reflecting FreshCo's commitment to quality and safety.

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