Fresh in appearance with slightly wrinkled, leathery skin.

Available packaging Size (Length, Width, High):

  • Carton (23x16x5)
  • Carton (48x36x9)
  • Carton (35×25.5×12)

Pack Type (Gross weight of packed carton) By Air Freight:

  • Packed cartons (23x16x5): Individual packed carton between 750-800 gr.
  • Packed cartons (35×25.5×12): Individual packed carton 4 kg.

Number of Cartons per pallet by Air Freight:

  • Carton (48x36x9) x4 (23x16x5) : 56 cartons/pallet
  • Carton (35×25.5×12): 80 cartons /pallet

Light Green skin


Minimum size of fresh fig shall be 40 mm by diameter.


July till September

Sensory / Eating Quality

Figs are lusciously sweet and feature a complex texture that
combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness
of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds.

Foreign Matter

Free from foreign matter, soil, dust and chemical residue


No evidence of insect infestation, alive or dead.

Chemicals and Contaminants

Produce complies with codex alimentarius standard
Maximum Residue limits volume 2-1993 section 1

Storage conditions

Temperature -0.5°C to 0°C
Relative humidity: 85-90%

Delivery Temperature

Refrigerated shipment at 0°C to 1.6°C

Distribution conditions

Refrigerated clean truck


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