Custard Apple

Thick scaly rind with a creamy, sweet pulp which comes apart in segments each containing a shiny black seed

Available packaging Size (Length, Width, High):

  • Carton (23x16x5)
  • Carton (48x36x9)
  • Carton (35×25.5×12)
  • Plastic crate (36x24x12)

Pack Type (Gross weight of packed carton/plastic crate) By Air Freight:

  • Packed cartons (23x16x5): Individual packed carton 1.1 kg.
  • Packed cartons (48x36x9): Individual packed carton 7 kg.
  • Packed cartons (35×25.5×12): Individual packed carton 4 kg.
  • Packed plastic crate (36x24x12): Individual packed carton 4.5 kg.

Number of carton/plastic crate per pallet by Air Freight:

  • Carton (48x36x9) x4 (23x16x5) : 52 cartons/pallet
  • Carton (48x36x9) : 56 cartons/pallet
  • Carton (35×25.5×12) : 80 cartons/pallet
  • Plastic crate (36x24x12) : 80 crate/pallet



Diameter: 70-120 mm


October till January

Sensory / Eating Quality

Sweet, creamy white flesh, and granular texture with lots of seeds

Foreign Matter

Free from foreign matter, soil, dust and chemical residue


No evidence of insect infestation, alive or dead.

Chemicals and Contaminants

Produce complies with codex alimentarius standard
Maximum Residue limits volume 2-1993 section 1

Storage conditions

Temperature: 15-20°C
Relative Humidity: 85-90%

Delivery Temperature

Should not be less than 15°C

Distribution conditions

Refrigerated clean truck


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