The fruit has yellow or whitish flesh, a delicate aroma, and a skin that is either velvety (peaches) or smooth (nectarines) in different cultivars. Donuts peach: The fruit’s skin is so thin with little or no fuzz.

Available packaging Size: (Length, width, high):

  • Carton (23x16x5)
  • Carton (48x36x9)
  • Plastic crate (36x24x12)
  • Plastic crate (44x28x13)
  • Plastic crate (48x31x17

Pack Type (Gross weight of packed carton/plastic crate) By Air Freight:

  • Packed carton (23x16x5): Individual packed carton 1.2 kg.
  • Peach and Nectarine / Packed cartons (48x36x9): Individual packed carton between 6.5-7 kg.
  • Donut / Plastic crate (36x24x12): Individual packed crate 5-5.5 kg.

Number of plastic crate/carton per pallet by Air Freight:

  • Carton (48x36x9) x4 (23x16x5) : 56 cartons/pallet
  • Carton (48x36x9) : 56 cartons/pallet
  • Plastic Crates (36x24x12): 80 Crates/pallet

Pack Type (Gross weight of packed plastic crate) By Sea Freight:

  • Plastic crate (44x28x13): Individual packed crate 8 kg.
  • Plastic crate (48x31x17): Individual packed crate 12 kg.

Number of plastic crate/40” container by Sea Freight:

  • Plastic crate (44x28x13): 135 crates/pallet
  • Total of 21 pallets: 2835 crates.
  • Plastic crate (48x31x17): 91 crates/pallet
  • Total of 21 pallets: 1911 crates.

Peach: a light, bright, rusty orange with a copper undertone
Nectarine: dark red
Donuts Peach: pale yellow with a red blush


Peach:73-90 mm
Nectarine: 76-80 mm
Donut: 50-76 mm


Peach and Nectarine: May till October Donut Peach: Early July till September

Sensory / Eating Quality

Peach: Velvety skin, an acidic tang coupled with a floral taste.
Nectarine: Smoothie skin, tend to be more aromatic;
they are also slightly sweeter than peaches.
Donuts Peach: Sweet with almonds overtones.

Foreign Matter

Free from foreign matter, contamination, mold or surface residues.
No foreign / off odors indicating breakdown.


No evidence of insect infestation, alive or dead.

Chemicals and Contaminants

Produce complies with codex alimentarius standard
Maximum Residue limits volume 2-1993 section 1

Storage conditions

Temperature -0.5°C to 0°C
Relative Humidity: 90-95%

Delivery Temperature

Refrigerated between 0°C and 2°C

Distribution conditions

Refrigerated clean truck


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