Baytamuni: White, seeded, Slightly pruinose and medium thick skin. Early superior seedless: Large, compact bunch with golden and crisp berries. Crimson: Full bodied and seedless, thick and luscious skin, practically intact bloom; fresh. Black seedless: Waxy bloom appearance. The skin is firm and does not slip from its flesh. The flesh is translucent, tender. Red Globe: The bunches are large and loose, with a long peduncle. The berries are large to very large, simple-flavored, with a lot of bloom, a moderately thick to thick skin and a firm, not very juicy pulp.


Available packaging Size (Length, Width, High): 

  • Carton (23x16x5)
  • Carton (48x36x9)
  • Carton (58x39x9)
  • Plastic crate (44x28x13)
  • Plastic crate (42x28x11)

Pack Type (Gross weight of packed carton/plastic crate By Air Freight:

  • Packed cartons (23x16x5). Individual packed carton 1.2 kg.
  • Packed plastic crate (44x28x13). Individual loose
  • packed crate 7 kg

Number of Cartons/plastic per pallet by Air Freight:

  • Carton (48x36x9) x4 (23x16x5) : 56 cartons/ pallet
  • Plastic crate (44x28x13) : 60 crates/ pallet

Pack Type (Gross weight of packed carton/plastic crate) By Sea Freight:

  • Packed cartons (58x39x9) x10 punnet: Individual packed carton 5 kg (1 punnet:500 gr).
  • Packed plastic crate (42x28x11): Individual loose packed crate 4 kg.

Number of plastic/ 40” container by Sea Freight:

  • Plastic crate (42x28x11): 180 crates/pallet
  • Total of 21 pallets: 3780 crates
  • 1 pallet: 60 crates
  • Total of 22 pallets: 3840 crates
  • Carton (58x39x9) : 120 cartons/pallets
  • Total of 21 pallets: 2520 cartons

Baytamuni: Yellowish-Greenish berry Early superior seedless: Creamy greenish-yellow
Crimson: Violet. Black seedless: Deep purple to nearly black
Red Globe: Dark Red


Berry Diameter average size> 22 mm
(equatorial diameter), Crimson Seedless: 17-22 mm in diameter


August till October

Sensory / Eating Quality

Baytamuni: Neutral-sweet taste, crisp and juicy pulp (14-18% Brix).
Early superior seedless: The flesh is crisp, very sweet
(min. 15.5% Brix) with low acids (sugar: acid ratio of 20 to 1).
Crimson: The flesh is greenish-white and has a medium level
of crispness, often with a satisfying crack. Good level of
sweetness (17-20% Brix). Black seedless: Seedless grape,
less crunchy than most table grapes, one of the sweetest
variety, with a tender and juicy in texture along with a
muscat flavor. Red Globe: Not very juicy pulp (14-16% Brix).

Foreign Matter

Free from foreign matter, contamination, mold or surface residues.
No foreign / off odors indicating breakdown.


No evidence of insect infestation, alive or dead.

Chemicals and Contaminants

Produce complies with Codex Alimentarius standard – Maximum Residu
Limits volume 2-1993 section 1

Storage conditions

Temperature: -0.5°C to 0°C
Relative humidity: 90-95%

Delivery Temperature

Refrigerated shipment at 1°C

Distribution conditions

Refrigerated clean truck


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